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listening is absorption leading to the understanding of facts and ideas. it is the opening stride to communication. listening is receiving language through ears. it can be an absolute attention to audibility, a hushed attention or simple heeding. it is sticking to the task at hand in spite of distractions. it requires concentration, which is the focusing of your thoughts upon the given task. listening is a psychological act whereas it is defined as an intentional act of audition. in the here-now times, listening is the first interaction towards cradling creative ideation.


being a ubiquitous mode of utterance, designing is a process from concept to a finished product, thus making it a step post ‘listening’ process. designing is a work process which has a user perspective - the optimum path to express across the nonverbal mode of communication. our design is an unavoidable addiction where it flies high en route commitment, client requirement and an excellent output. for the same purpose, the entire line-up dedicates to convey the message across with design not just being about visuals and colours.


deliver the best within the offered deadlines is the base to our claim to fame. our strength is maintaining quality with discipline and retaining clients who in turn recognize our worth through the standard of work, influential design and timely delivery. in this fast world, meeting challenges with quality touches hearts only via the strand of prompt delivery.

why 3 dots ?

there happens to be no definition to the potentials of threedot designs. immense strength and excellent outcomes are the key towards the pace of success. precision in innovative ideas holds the fundamental to which the dedicated team at threedot designs sticks to.